Why you should have an indoor garden in 2016

Living in the big city can be very tedious and draining. With all the smoke from the factories and cars, the noise, not to mention the heavy traffic we have to go through each day we go to work.

It’s a wonder people living in the city can make it through the day. But I’ll bet, it takes a lot out of them. Now, if you live in a highly urbanised city, your taste for past time activities seem to evolve.

You spend all your free time in games, television, drinks, or whatever. We do not always see and experience the wonder and beauty of Mother Nature in the city. All we see are buildings, cars, smoke, and people racing to get to their appointments.

Not all of the people living in the city like the explicit estrangement from Mother Nature. Some of us like to get in touch with the earth and appreciate all its goodness.

We seldom see the beauty of plants and trees in the city. Yes, there are some but it is just mostly meagre shrubs and lone trees we see.

Some of us like to go on gardening and experience nature at our fingertips. But this is just not possible in the city, not with all the cramped space. It’s only in the suburbs that you get to have wide lawns and gardens.

Well, I tell you what, you can build your own garden indoors, or have companies such as Wimbledon loft conversion specialists. Never be constricted by the busy life of the city. Follow your passion. Here are some tips to jumpstart your indoor gardening.

1. Choose a gardening style
There are two general styles in indoor gardening.

Container gardening – this style is just as it sounds. Gardening in containers. Uses plastics or containers that have traditional gardening soil to grow your plants. This style of gardening is very useful for people who want to change the arrangements of their plants frequently or if they want to move them outdoors eventually. Container gardeners can grow plants of any kind and any size.

Hydroponic gardening – also referred to as aquaponics. This is a special type of gardening technique which uses fertilised water and non-soil starters for the plants which will be arranged vertically. Hydroponic gardening can produce a lot of plants, usually vegetables, in a small space.

2. Choosing the right space

Choosing the proper place to grow your plants will be the key to your success in indoor gardening. An area with lots of windows (and therefore sunlight) is the best choice. The windows should be facing east or west to have the maximum benefit from the sun. Building it in a converted loft can be the best choice. Visit this website to see what I mean. Also, rooms with cold temperatures such as the garage should be avoided because cold temperature can kill your plants.

3. Choosing the right plants

Yes, there are a wide variety of plants to choose from but be mindful of the types of plants that can survive in the atmosphere where you live in. Make sure that the plants can adapt to the new environment. Some plants struggle in indoor gardens but some can flourish.

Get in touch with nature. Build your own indoor garden and have fun growing plants even in the midst of a buzzing city.