Planting a Perennial Garden


Planting a large perennial border can be an expensive proposition, especially if planting in groups of 3, 5 or more of each species.

For the price of half a dozen plants you can grow dozens from seed.

A good starter is the Lupin.  May and June are ideal months.

Fill a seed tray to within 1/4 of the rim with seed compost and level the surface.  Scatter the seeds evenly over the surface and cover with a 1/4 of sieved compost.

Water with a fine rosed watering can and place in a light place out of direct sun.

The first leaves to appear on germination are the seed leaves.  Gently hold one of these leaves, and using a pencil, lift the seedling by the root and pot up into a 3″ pot.  Place these outside in a sunny spot and keep watered.

When roots appear through the holes at the base of the pot, move the young plants into 4″ – 5″ pots and grow on.

When Autumn comes either plant them where they are to flower the following year or over Winter in a Cold Frame.

For the price of 1 packet of seeds (£1.50) you can easily raise 20 – 30 healthy plants and have the satisfaction of seeing a few small seeds become a stunning addition to your border.