The Flower Calendar [Infographic]

Planning to change the flowers you’re planting according to season? You won’t really have so much problems. This calendar, contributed to me by a friend (which he might also have found somewhere, I may add) does not only guarantee a beautiful garden, but a garden with flowers that would not wither and die.

Take note of the season, and the name of the plant. Then you’ve got a perfect garden!


Flowers For All Seasons

For gardens, flower life is very much essential. It brings colour and vibrancy, making the space full of life and spirit. But it stands that there are many different seasons and assorted flowers bloom during these times. Hence, it is best that you know which names you should consider to plant for a particular time of the year.

Even with the cold weather, there is no stopping these beauties from coming out into the world. Your lack of warmth will surely not be felt as you look at these stunners.

Baby’s Breath

This kind may be familiar because it is used in many bouquet arrangements. But other than that, it can also be utilised for food and/or medicine.


Lilies are a popular group because of its colouration and sometimes, its fragrance. The lily is even edible and suitable for culinary and herb uses.


The name comes from the French word pensie, which means thought or remembrance. From its name alone, you can really determine that it will be a flower you will always remember. Pansies are known to be flowers with faces.

When thinking of this season, what can be thought of is growth and new life. And so, when buds flower during this period, you can really appreciate the brightness that each colour brings to the atmosphere.


The dahlia is a perennial plant, meaning one that lasts for three seasons or more, so it is really great. It is even declared as the national flower of Mexico.


This easy to grow annual flower comes in 20 species. You will love it because there it has a wide array of shades from yellow, orange, white, red, pink and even multi coloured. Appearance wise, there are zinnias from single petals to those in the dome variety.


This exotic flower is definitely a favorite of many because of its different looks. It looks interesting and engaging, making it a plant of great visual interest. There is no doubt you will be fascinated with this delicate flower as well.

The hot and warm weather of summer is not to be left out when it comes to floral growth too.


This house plant boasts its strong scent. Even from afar, for sure you will be able to recognise it is around with its smell alone. It thrives in a place of humidity and light. Pakistan named the gardenia as its national flower.


This flower is considered to be ornamental. The plant blooms in a tall spike and its colour range is wide from purple, pink, white and yellow. Marks and spottings can also be seen in some of the flowers. The foxglove has even been used for medical purposes.


This genus comprises of plants from the sunflower family. And from what you can see, it is really clear that it brings much sunshine by itself because of the colours they have such as white, yellow and pink.