4 creative small garden ideas

We all have our own hobbies and amusement to entertain and reward us after all the hard work we do.

It is simply an essential part of our lives. Without these hobbies and diversions, we would be like robots; doing everything without emotions and enthusiasm.

Some of us have only a single hobby but a lot of people enjoy lots of different hobbies. We spend a lot of our free time on it and we tend to lose ourselves because of the fun we are having.

Different people have different hobbies. Some like to play and follow sports related activities, some like to practice with guns, some people enjoy playing computer games. As for me, I enjoy designing and nurturing my plants. In short, I’m a gardening aficionado.

Now when it comes to gardening, space is the number one concern. Whether you are planning to transform your loft’s terrace or your spare room to a balcony or an indoor garden, you must always utilise the space intelligently.

I spend lots of my time in my garden. I have all sorts of them and I would like to share some small garden ideas with you.

Here are my 5 creative small garden ideas:

1. Indoor garden

There are a whole lot of benefits in building your own indoor garden. For one, you have the power to alter the temperature and conditions inside your home rather than relying on the fickle weather outdoors. This is a great way to grow exciting and exotic plants that do not commonly exist in your environment. You can grow a lot of plant varieties with indoor gardening.

2. Balcony garden

It’s often a great way to make your home look eco-friendly. And your home’s design will look a lot more pleasing to an observer or visitor because of the greeneries atop your home. I actually have a garden on my loft’s terrace.

When I converted my loft with help from Chiswick Lofts, they gave me an awesome design of a loft with a balcony garden. I’ve was very excited with the thought of having a garden on my loft. Now, it is one of my best-designed gardens.

3. Flower arches
ch3Garden arches are a very exquisite and graceful garden component. It adds a breathtakingly splendid aura to your garden. Try adding one to your home’s gate entrance or on the entryway to your garden. Passersby observing your home will surely be taken off their feet by the sheer magnificence of it.



4. Hanging garden

Finding a spot to grow our garden is often a problem of us gardening enthusiasts especially if we are living in big cities where every square meter is very expensive. So instead of spending lots of dollars on extra gardening land, grow your very own hanging garden inside your home. You stack up your plants in baskets or something similar and connect them with strings or wood. A hanging garden takes up only a little bit of space so it is great for garden enthusiasts living in the city.

There are lots of ways we can design and create our garden depending on our needs and on the environment’s limitations. But we, garden enthusiasts, will always find ways.